Crisis Communications Training

Effectively handling a corporate crisis

That Friday afternoon phone call with news of a brewing crisis for your company.  What would you do?

Nothing beats being well prepared for an unexpected or critical situation.  Media Speak trains your key people so they are ready to speak to the press should the worst happen.   Bring the media on side with clear and thoughtful bulletins about the situation - and turn a potential disaster into a positive story.

Overseen by the former BBC anchor and Media Speak founder, Peter Coë, our crisis media training includes everything from preparing holding statements to handling hostile media questioning and running press conferences.  Delegates put into practice what they have learned through staged print, radio and TV interview simulations, with the emphasis on learning through doing.

And what about your other stakeholders?  With the help of award-winning crisis expert, Martin Langford, of specialist PR consultancy Kissmannn Langford, Media Speak offers your key people dynamic crisis communications training, covering strategies for communicating to ALL stakeholders during an unfolding crisis which we will bring to life through carefully researched, realistic scenarios.

“We instinctively know how long it takes a corporation to build a positive reputation with its stakeholders… a mismanaged crisis can not only ruin that reputation but even affect the very survival of the company,” warns Martin.

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